The Sleep Secret

"Severe" insomnia concerns the cases of insomnia where a person's sleep periods are extremely short. His or her sleep is interrupted by frequent nocturnal awakenings and this happens at least three times a week spread out over several months. So, how do you cure insomnia?

Unfortunately, classical medicine too often prescribes heavy drugs such as antidepressants or sleeping pills that can affect the psychic balance of the patient. Yet natural solutions exist to help a patient sleep better, so the question people must ask themselves is what are they and how do they get some? The solution as to how to cure insomnia is always in nature! Of course, essential oils are the first option people have to choose from (all of which are powerful and effective), but much is said in this guide.

Essential Oils For Insomnia

Herbal medicine and alternative medicine, which is designed to heal a patient with the use of plants, has repeatedly proven itself, particularly against insomnia. Indeed, some plants naturally have sedative and sleeping properties due to their composition. Among the latter are German chamomile, linden, lavender, hops or passion flower. These plants all have calming and sedative properties that will allow folks to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. And the champion of the category is hops! It is not necessarily known, but it provides the individual with real relaxation effects. These oils are great for those who want a viable insomnia cure.

Using Plants to Sleep

How can men and women use these plants to sleep better? The answer is simple -; drink some tea before going to bed, which should allow you to get a great night's sleep. People can also prepare a tincture based oil to take several times at night. Patients can also use medicinal pills made from hops, valerian root, and poppy from California. One last idea is to slip a dried hop ballotin into your pillow, the plant will have its effect! Finally, during the day only, people can consume ginseng root three times a day to promote a good night's sleep!

Lifestyle Affects Sleep Patterns

A person's lifestyle has a lot of influence on how they sleep. For example, know that exercising during the day will allow folks to sleep like a baby at night. Most people are not unaware that sports, such as yoga, will allow them to work out while stimulating the mind and stepping into a deep state of relaxation. This easy-to-do task is a great way to nail down your very own insomnia cure.

Homeopathy Helps With Insomnia

Homeopathy is a gentle medicine that also consists of naturally healing. In cases of severe insomnia, it is advisable to take a recommended dose of homeopathic medicine right before bed. Everyone has to eat, but people should not forget to also adapt their diet by avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, as much as possible.

Another tip is to consume foods rich in tryptophan and magnesium since the first is useful for the manufacture of melatonin, a hormone promoting sleep, and magnesium being a natural sedative. This means people can eat turkey, milk, and cheese, bananas or almonds, wheat bran and others. The list is, of course, non-exhaustive! Still looking for an insomnia cure?

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